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Fixing Your Brakes - Before It’s Too Late!

The Brake Service Experts – Military Brake & Alignment

Next time you’re driving in your vehicle, turn down the radio and listen to your brakes. The first signs that your vehicle needs brake repair or service will be audible, and will often sound like a screeching noise. The brake pads on your vehicle’s braking system are designed to give an early indication of your need for brake service. If you hear that squeal when you’re slowing down then the next place you should slow down (and stop) is Military Brake & Alignment’s repair shop. We’ll get your brakes set with a fresh pair of brake pads to ensure that your brakes operate smoothly and safely.

Complete Car Care – The Brake Service Specialists

If you drive too long on your worn brake pads, it will eventually wear through to the metal. Anytime you hear a metal-on-metal grinding noise, it is important to come in for brake service as soon as possible. Extensive damage can easily be caused whenever you have metal components bumping into other metal components, especially brakes. This type of damage and continued driving can result in any number of repair needs, including broken calipers, rotors, disc brakes, drum brake, and more. Most importantly, your safety is compromised if your vehicle is unable to brake effectively.

Thorough Brake Inspection and Diagnosis

Sometimes your brakes’ need for service will be felt, either by your feet or your hands. Pay close attention whenever you apply your brakes and the brake pedal starts to vibrate. You could even notice vibrating in your steering wheel whenever you apply your brakes. These are definitely signs you need to come to see the specialists at Military Brake & Alignment. There are several reasons why your braking system could be vibrating, which actually touches several different vehicle components. We want your fully functioning brakes to be the start of your complete car care.

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